A new Fanzila application allows for any type of Facebook page to upgrade their versatility with multiple new features available. Fanzila has 20 multiple different brands using their payed services but now they are offering a more user friendly type content application which will be available to anyone. This new application will be fully self customizable¬† by anyone using the application, and it basically makes any Facebook page its own mini website. People can include on their Facebook pages blogs, video portals, wiki sites and photo galleries. These are just some of the many new features available when using Fanzila. This is very interesting to me because the user generated content is becoming easier and easier to demonstrate. Facebook is going to be almost multiple mini-websites and the access to do that is going to be in your fingertips. This relates to IMS because the growth of the web is happening so easily where people are going to have their own websites. The customization people can access is going to create it’s own web inside of Facebook with multiple pages for exchanging data. It going to be interesting to see what Facebook will look like in 2020.