With the growing world of ipads and any device with the capability to use applications, the whole digital world has been affected by its versatility. Apps are a new part of the digital age and have been a worthwhile investment with multiple companies. I read an article on ReadWriteWeb that Google intends on launching a new social reading type tablet application. The difference with this type of application is the versatility that will come along with it. Google’s intentions are to make a cross platform app which will be able to run on any tablet, any platform necessary. Social media has been easily passed across the internet and with a new app on both iOS and Android platform the ability to access readable information is going to be that much easier with this new app. The reason this article interests me is the way it relates to social media and the way information is spread. With tablets as a major growing market in the digital age this will become another major way the internet can spread to. This relates to IMS because tablets are starting to make information spread incredibly easy. It puts the media at our control and at our demand. Tablets are a next generation for information and google wants to take a major part in the industry. As our generation continues to progress the spread of information is limitless. Only time will show how tablets and apps will grow as the years go on.