I read an article about Google Plus and how it had surprisingly increased of 1269% traffic in the last week. 15 million users were recorded going to the website, different from last weeks 1.1 million users. These numbers of traffic in Google Plus does not include mobile visits from any phone along with visits using the Google toolbar. The social network has gone from a rank of 15 in Hitwise’s social networking and forums to a rank of 8 out of all social networks. This jump is potentially what Google Plus needs to increase its users. Facebook announcing their multiple changes to the website drowned much of Google’s announcements but Google has a plan to be heard. Launching CityVille a Zynga application which is a very friendly application was launched yesterday along with multiple other features. Personally I felt that Google plus was not going to be a successful social networking besides the few people that wouldn’t use Facebook. It’s very surprising to see the network increase by such an exponential amount. This relates to IMS because Google Plus is a new form of social networking which involves your desktop to a greater degree. People are going to use Google Plus which can add almost anything online with the new network and its +1 button. People may happen to jump between networks and it will be very interesting to see the social networking impacts on each other.