I read an article that suddenly caught my attention because it was related to cyber-bullying. The interesting part about this is that a law would set boundaries and focus on cyber-bullies and the affect they have on people. The New York senator Jeffrey Klein introduced this new bill which out dates all other laws that have failed to punish bullies who use the internet as a catalyst. There is a sad amount of cases of teen suicides as aftermath to forms of cyber-bullying. With regards to the internet, laws have not kept up with the expansion of the internet and many social networks online. Klein mentions, “If people know there is a tough law on the books and they’re going to be punished, they are going to act accordingly.” This law in my opinion is something that needs to be enforced. There is no excuse for someone to bully another person over the internet. Any case of cyber-bullying to me is a way of venting out your own insecurities. With the expansion of the internet and social networking sites there is a great amount of bullying. IMS teaches me a lot about the benefits to the internet as well as the consequences of the system. Cyber-bullying is definitely an unintended consequence to the web. Because of these consequences there needs to be laws that keep up with the webs expansion.