I stumbled upon an article with very interesting statistics based off of the average time any user spends on certain websites. This article then rated actual websites with Facebook users averaging 8 hours a month spent on the website. Compared to me I occasionally use social media to check up on people and to respond to posts. I tend to never spend more then 10 minutes on one sitting. How do you think you compare? The main reason I don’t like Facebook is because I feel like it tends to separate you from people. In my opinion I would much rather deal with people in person then over the internet. Multiple people I know will spend this much time and more in a week. Google is the number 1 website with the average user spending the most time on this website. It isn’t surprising to see Facebook surpass Google’s number one spot with these statistics. The expanding website will be one which people spend more time on when they visit because of the amount of related content you are exposed to. IMS is very related to this article because of the social media content which we are exposed to everyday that tends to become a major part of users lives. While Facebook is growing more and more, it has a much different way of surfing then Google, since Google while send you to other websites which are not related to Google anymore. That will be the difference when it comes to Facebook passing Google with the amount of time spent per average user.