I read quite an interesting article which involved the Prime Minister of Thailand who had a twitter account which was recently hacked. It wasn’t surprising that the hacker used his voice in the twitter account to share his opinions on this prime minister who had very debatable policies. The twitter account tweeted 8 messages criticizing the Prime Minister and her election which she had recently won. The Prime Minister was very similar to her brother who was removed from a military coup earlier in 2006. I find this to be incredibly interesting, as someone very intelligent was able to use Twitter to the disadvantage of the Prime Minister. Many people have an incredibly hard time sharing their opinion in other countries, especially with censorship. This person on the other hand used the website to his advantage. Sometimes people don’t realize many of these unintended consequences for using social media. People these days don’t tend to grasp the concept that what you do online can be seen by others and used towards the disadvantage of yourslef. In this case this is a perfect example. Since this concept uses social media it relates to IMS very easily. It’s going to be interesting to see more unintended consequences of people using social media in the future.