Purpose of source: The purpose of the source was to promote the official king center in Atlanta Georgia. It’s also to promote events and inform people about current civil rights movements.
Authority and reputation of source: The source has very credible sources, as their partners are government agencies and research libraries across the country.
Accuracy of source: The sources are accurate because of the types of resources available on the site. The site doesnt retrieve all of its information from one source, and uses multiple to develop a deeper more credible understanding of Martin Luther King Jr.
Currency and maintenance of source: The upcoming events on the website which promote civil rights are updated; the copyright is in 2011 and the page is consistently up to date.
Presentation and arrangement of information: You can tell that the information on the website is organized professionally. There are multiple pages of different content which a user can surf to find the exact type of information he wants.
✤Purpose of source- No real purpose stated

✤Authority and reputation of source- There is no authority for the
site.  It says that it is hosted by Stormfront which is a White power
movement.  When I looked up who the author was it is a man with an
email donblack@stormfront.org.  When I looked up his email I was
directed to his homepage which tells about his white supremacy ties
and his hate for those who are not white.
✤Accuracy of source- It rarely sites any sources does have sources,
none of them provide links.  All of the sources are inaccurate. All of
the articles written on the site are false.  When I checked Delicious
many people’s comments confirmed it is a site  that is a cover for a
white suprememcy movement.
✤Currency and maintenance of source- There is no last updated date and
many of the sources are old sources.  There are also many broken

Presentation- has an awful interface, with colors that do not match.
It is very difficult to read and does not imply accuracy.

Niko Kondogianis
Eric Matre
Dan Nicolopoulos