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Purpose of source: The purpose of the source was to promote the official king center in Atlanta Georgia. It’s also to promote events and inform people about current civil rights movements.
Authority and reputation of source: The source has very credible sources, as their partners are government agencies and research libraries across the country.
Accuracy of source: The sources are accurate because of the types of resources available on the site. The site doesnt retrieve all of its information from one source, and uses multiple to develop a deeper more credible understanding of Martin Luther King Jr.
Currency and maintenance of source: The upcoming events on the website which promote civil rights are updated; the copyright is in 2011 and the page is consistently up to date.
Presentation and arrangement of information: You can tell that the information on the website is organized professionally. There are multiple pages of different content which a user can surf to find the exact type of information he wants.
✤Purpose of source- No real purpose stated

✤Authority and reputation of source- There is no authority for the
site.  It says that it is hosted by Stormfront which is a White power
movement.  When I looked up who the author was it is a man with an
email donblack@stormfront.org.  When I looked up his email I was
directed to his homepage which tells about his white supremacy ties
and his hate for those who are not white.
✤Accuracy of source- It rarely sites any sources does have sources,
none of them provide links.  All of the sources are inaccurate. All of
the articles written on the site are false.  When I checked Delicious
many people’s comments confirmed it is a site  that is a cover for a
white suprememcy movement.
✤Currency and maintenance of source- There is no last updated date and
many of the sources are old sources.  There are also many broken

Presentation- has an awful interface, with colors that do not match.
It is very difficult to read and does not imply accuracy.

Niko Kondogianis
Eric Matre
Dan Nicolopoulos

Twitter Reformatting Urls

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While surfing through Yahoo news I discovered an article talking about Twitter and their formatting with links. When I was new to Twitter and how it worked I thought the only way to shorten you links was to use bitly.com. Twitter actually incorporates its own URL re-format which can be used for any links if the post is not passed the certain amount of characters required. The reason why this new Twitter URL re-format is different then a websitelike bitly is because it prevents a lot of spamming websites behind and unknown link and users will actually know what they are clicking on. Twitter will reformat the link with a sub category of information that link sends you to. IMS relates a lot about social media, and in this case, it is continually to improve over the years. This is a great example of an simple and easy improvement used for social media which will continue to increase social media usage and versatility.

Facebook assaults?

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I read an article which talked about a recent assault on a mans wife because of Facebook complications. A man who supposedly posted a status over the anniversary of his mothers death was like by multiple friends except by his wife. Because she didn’t like the post, the man assaulted his wife causing a huge domestic violence case. It’s very surprising to see multiple overreact to social media complications which people then use to act upon in real life. I see multiple examples of people relating internet life to real life. Virtual worlds are easily able to become part of your own life, which is why many people fail to understand the difference between the two. When social media becomes to obsessive with someones life it can cause negative effects, and in this occasion violence.

Facebook becomes #2 for total time spent by its average user

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I stumbled upon an article with very interesting statistics based off of the average time any user spends on certain websites. This article then rated actual websites with Facebook users averaging 8 hours a month spent on the website. Compared to me I occasionally use social media to check up on people and to respond to posts. I tend to never spend more then 10 minutes on one sitting. How do you think you compare? The main reason I don’t like Facebook is because I feel like it tends to separate you from people. In my opinion I would much rather deal with people in person then over the internet. Multiple people I know will spend this much time and more in a week. Google is the number 1 website with the average user spending the most time on this website. It isn’t surprising to see Facebook surpass Google’s number one spot with these statistics. The expanding website will be one which people spend more time on when they visit because of the amount of related content you are exposed to. IMS is very related to this article because of the social media content which we are exposed to everyday that tends to become a major part of users lives. While Facebook is growing more and more, it has a much different way of surfing then Google, since Google while send you to other websites which are not related to Google anymore. That will be the difference when it comes to Facebook passing Google with the amount of time spent per average user.

Thailand Prime Minister’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

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I read quite an interesting article which involved the Prime Minister of Thailand who had a twitter account which was recently hacked. It wasn’t surprising that the hacker used his voice in the twitter account to share his opinions on this prime minister who had very debatable policies. The twitter account tweeted 8 messages criticizing the Prime Minister and her election which she had recently won. The Prime Minister was very similar to her brother who was removed from a military coup earlier in 2006. I find this to be incredibly interesting, as someone very intelligent was able to use Twitter to the disadvantage of the Prime Minister. Many people have an incredibly hard time sharing their opinion in other countries, especially with censorship. This person on the other hand used the website to his advantage. Sometimes people don’t realize many of these unintended consequences for using social media. People these days don’t tend to grasp the concept that what you do online can be seen by others and used towards the disadvantage of yourslef. In this case this is a perfect example. Since this concept uses social media it relates to IMS very easily. It’s going to be interesting to see more unintended consequences of people using social media in the future.

New Bill Cracks Down on Cyber Bullies

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I read an article that suddenly caught my attention because it was related to cyber-bullying. The interesting part about this is that a law would set boundaries and focus on cyber-bullies and the affect they have on people. The New York senator Jeffrey Klein introduced this new bill which out dates all other laws that have failed to punish bullies who use the internet as a catalyst. There is a sad amount of cases of teen suicides as aftermath to forms of cyber-bullying. With regards to the internet, laws have not kept up with the expansion of the internet and many social networks online. Klein mentions, “If people know there is a tough law on the books and they’re going to be punished, they are going to act accordingly.” This law in my opinion is something that needs to be enforced. There is no excuse for someone to bully another person over the internet. Any case of cyber-bullying to me is a way of venting out your own insecurities. With the expansion of the internet and social networking sites there is a great amount of bullying. IMS teaches me a lot about the benefits to the internet as well as the consequences of the system. Cyber-bullying is definitely an unintended consequence to the web. Because of these consequences there needs to be laws that keep up with the webs expansion.


Google Plus Increases by 1269% In a Week

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I read an article about Google Plus and how it had surprisingly increased of 1269% traffic in the last week. 15 million users were recorded going to the website, different from last weeks 1.1 million users. These numbers of traffic in Google Plus does not include mobile visits from any phone along with visits using the Google toolbar. The social network has gone from a rank of 15 in Hitwise’s social networking and forums to a rank of 8 out of all social networks. This jump is potentially what Google Plus needs to increase its users. Facebook announcing their multiple changes to the website drowned much of Google’s announcements but Google has a plan to be heard. Launching CityVille a Zynga application which is a very friendly application was launched yesterday along with multiple other features. Personally I felt that Google plus was not going to be a successful social networking besides the few people that wouldn’t use Facebook. It’s very surprising to see the network increase by such an exponential amount. This relates to IMS because Google Plus is a new form of social networking which involves your desktop to a greater degree. People are going to use Google Plus which can add almost anything online with the new network and its +1 button. People may happen to jump between networks and it will be very interesting to see the social networking impacts on each other.

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